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The Accidental Donor

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Oliver Willoughby was done waiting to "Mr. Right" to come along and sweep him off his feet. After multiple failed relationships he finally decided that he would take charge of his own life. He wanted one thing. A family of his own. Who says he needed to be in a relationship to start a family? Plenty of people start families in different ways, IVF being one of them.

Theodore Xavier Lexington had it all. He's was from a rich family who loved him. He graduated top of his class and was engaged to his long time boyfriend. He had it all, that is until he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. When news spread of his illness investors left his company and his fiance broke the engagement. Before his life saving surgery he made sure to save his DNA so that he can have children in the future.

What happens when there's a mix up at the sperm bank and Theodore's sample (that was meant to be stored) was accidentally donated, used for insemination and resulted in a pregnancy?
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Book 1: The Submissive Series Xander is the Alpha of the Crimson Moon Pack, the most powerful Pack in the supernatural world. He is a strong and powerful Alpha. One who's feared by many and highly respected by more. But when Xander is welcoming new members into his Pack he gets an unexpected surprise. Years after his 18th birthday Xander finally comes face to face with his second half, his mate. But it's not just one mate that's come to shake up his world, because Xander gets blessed with two mates.......twins. What happens when Xander's dominance is challenged, will he be able to adapt to a new life being submissive? ------ This story contains: - MxMxM romance - kinks (daddy kink, bdsm relationship, domxsub relationship) - werewolf/vampire relationship - lgbt themes - intimate/graphic scenes *If this story isn't your thing then don't read it. NONE OF THE ACTIONS OR THEMES DEPICTED BY THE CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY ARE REAL, ALL ARE FICTIONAL. **Please reframe from comparing the themes or actions from the characters as real, it's just a story!** ------ Best ranking: #1 dominance (28/05/2022) #1 fluffandsmut (14/11/2022)


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#1 Southeastern University Series Natosha Jackson is from the south-side slums of Ridgeport. She's your average bookworm and mathematic fanatic. To pay her dues to the dean of students, she is hand-picked to tutor one of the most notorious football players at Southeastern University, Matteo Four Wittstock. In the town of Ridgeport, the Wittstocks are well-known wealthy people from the north side. Although Natosha wants nothing to do with Four's lifestyle and womanizing tendencies, she finds herself falling into the temptations of lust. While she wrestles with this new fiery excitement in her life, Four becomes enamored deeper than he ever imagined. No one expects the rocky twists and turns that bring these two people together but Four loves a good challenge. And when a game is this good, he's more than ready to play. ***The Southeastern University Collection shows the lives of young adults as they enter, survive and finish off their university experience. The students attending this university are not only dealing with keeping up their GPAs and attending student union meetings. These students are battling ties with addiction, exploring their sexuality, and embarking on past and present family burdens. *** *** These works cannot be read as a standalone. *** WARNING: THIS STORY IS 18+ AND CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE AND MATURE CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. STARTED: 7/10/2020 Completed. 2022


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Rebel Simmons was just a girl who was dealt a shitty hand in the game of life. Despite her harsh and abusive upbringing, she worked hard, and studied harder. With an IQ of 252. she's a certified genius and is working towards her Masters Degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University. When tough times hit and she's desperate for money, she steals $5 Million from an offshore bank account. Little did she know she was stealing from the most ruthless Mafia Boss in the world: Dante Vino. • MATURE THEMES 18+ • Cover designed by Holly Thurston


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Deadly assassins Allegra and Ace have been trying in vain to kill each other for years. With a mutual enemy threatening their mafias, they find themselves in an unexpected alliance, and soon discover killing each other isn't the only temptation they need to resist... ***** Allegra Grey is poised to be the next great American mafia leader, and she's more than living up to the name. A skilled assassin, there's only one target who's ever gotten away from her-suave, sinfully handsome Ace De Luca, heir to the Italian mafia and the Greys' biggest rival. When both mafias are faced with a dangerous threat, they're forced to work together to protect their families, and unexpected sparks fly. Allegra definitely isn't one to sleep with the enemy, especially an arrogant womanizer like Ace. But there's an undeniable electricity between them and Allegra's not sure it's all hatred. Ace may be bad news, but Allegra's never been afraid of a little danger. As the fire they're playing with grows to a scorching blaze, one thing is clear: trying to kill each other may have been difficult, but resisting this intense chemistry will be impossible. [[Word count: 100,000 - 150,000]] Cover designed by Regina Dionela Content/trigger warning: Contains mature themes, violence and gore


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[Mature rating. Please note that this book contains scenes of violence and sex. Do not read if this content upsets or disturbs you.] Jocks don't get feelings, right? Especially not Kyle Indigo, the school's well-known woman-stealer and all around sex addict. But more importantly, jocks don't get feelings for skinny blonde guys like Jameson Williams who holds secrets and has a love for one special sport, right? It just doesn't work like that. Or does it?


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Indigan mayne a merman next in line for the thrown to be Sire, swims out of his Kingdom a few miles from home to try and find his mate before he becomes king but somehow ends up on land... He is a Little, (sfw.. Age regressor) Cole Matthews a werewolf is Alpha of the Dark Moon pack and has been for 16 years and is 30 years old. Which is young since werewolves live for 500 yrs. It adds or doubles when they meet their mate. He is cold towards those he doesnt like but sweet and kind though strict to those he loves or cares for. (dom/cg) Will they find their mates? If so will they be who they expect them to? Read to find out about what awaits them in both the forest and the deep blue sea.


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Previously called Older Brothers Part 1 Completed (Alternate version) part 2 Ongoing "T-trust me?" "Always." It was the promise that they were never going to break. They were seven like sins. Devious, Sly, deceptive and sharp-witted. They ruled the world of evil with no hint of mercy inside their cold hearts. A simple, timid and a unsophisticated girl who liked being on sidelines. Her little world was built on the base of lies. Until one dreadful night came, and her small world came crumbling down on the ground. Her heart was broken into pieces by pieces as she was forcefully taken into a new world that she wasn't familiar with. Will she survive or she will lost this battle of melting their cold hearts?


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Highest rank: #1 in werewolf on 07/14/2016 *currently undergoing editing, weekly updates* "Mate." The words left their lips effortlessly in sync. Their wolves yipped loudly in their heads. All traces of the world around them seemed to disappear at that moment. Looking at one another, though they had never met, at that moment, they'd both felt as if they'd known each other their whole lives. "Love and care for those who you rule; compassion is never a weakness, as the strength of a king is only as strong as his queen." !!!ALL RIGHTS RESERVED FOR THIS BOOK IS NOT TO BE COPIED AND REPOSTED ANYWHERE!!! TW: This contains mentions of abuse, rape, and torture.


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The first bullet startles his mare. Makes the beast rise on its hind legs and throw him off guard. He lands on the ground with a painful thud. The second strikes his friend. The yowling of pain makes his heart clench and look around with wild eyes. "No," he breathes, panic growing, "no, no, no!" He rises and a third bullet is lodged in his shoulder in hopes of stopping him, in slowing him down. It hurts, it stings, and it makes him cry out in pain.