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She's Gladis's

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"Just say the word baby and i'll make all the tingles go away" Gladis husked whispering in my ears sending shivers down my spine... that did nothing but helped at increasing the feeling in my stomach

But what word?

"W- What are you talking about Gla- Gladis" I asked not sure what to say, or do I?
"I know that you know it baby, that word that you were thinking about looking at me that made you look flustered, come on pumpkin, say it" he growled lowly the last part while parting my legs with his own, his face laying next to my neck, I can feel his breath by my ears, both his hands securing each side of me, making sure i don't budge

Wait, did i say parting my legs?
Oh God...

"Please" it sounded more like a whisper.
He chuckled darkly and looked at me right in eyes "You know thats not it baby"

"P- Please...I-"

"Please what? "
I just whimpered shifting my eyes everywhere but him.
"Asia" he growled harshly, knowing that he's gonna be harsh, agressive with me...

"Please Da- Daddy"
And with that I set the beast off.

Asia Marie Davidson ❤️
Gladis Emmanuel Moore ❤️
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I look down at the frail frame of the girl. I unlatched her cage and nudged her with my foot. It seems cruel, but the other trainers would have done much worse to see her ignoring their commands to rise. "Wake up, you're being moved," I say to her, crouching down and shaking her. She lies unmoving and a heaviness settles in my chest. I move her hair from her face and press my fingers to her neck, trying to find a pulse. I purse my lips, feeling the faint beating of her weak heart. I look at the girl, watching her struggle to push air in and out of her lungs. I can tell she is sick. Do I put her in the truck with the others, or take her to the doctor? The truth is, nothing good awaits her in the truck. The only question is if it is crueler to go put her with the others, unconscious and barely holding on, or to take her to the doctor. I feel sick just thinking about it. She either dies here, or will wish she would have. I can't turn a blind eye to her though, I can't stand and watch as the life leaves her. Perhaps she will be thankful for me saving her life. ---- Hazel. She's a pretty little thing, far too precious and fragile for the life she was born into. Having lived most of her life in a training facility, she knows little of the beauty of the world or the people in it. A punishment gone bad, forever mares her, leaving her crippled, undesirable. Axel. He's an average man with an abnormal size. Being a Trainer, he is expected to be cold and cruel, someone he is not. It pays him money though, so perhaps living up to that expectation isn't that bad? When confronted with a choice he finally has to choose who he wants to be. Will he live up to others expectations? Or will he choose what may not be easiest, but what is right?


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"What's that?" Isla asked, already knowing it was a dirty word. "An orgasm, is something that happens when someone makes you feel really good, little dove." - "Ahh- wait! M-Maxim..!" She felt a sting to her bottom as soon as she made a mistake, laying her head down on his shoulder as she straddled his thigh and stoped grinding her hips. "No no, little one. You either call me 'Daddy' or 'Sir' when we are like this." Maxim said huskily in her ear, gripping her hips and forcefully grinding them. ------ One camera flash from an iPhone was all it took for Isla Winter to be taken by Maxim Petrov, the Don of the Russian Mafia. But she's not what he expects, something about her drives him not to take a bullet to Islas brain after witnessing a murder he committed. (A BIT FAST PACED, sorry!) MATURE SCENES ⚠️ TRIGGERS IN THE BOOK ⚠️ -violence (it's a mafia book) -swearing -death -self negativity -trauma from past domestic abuse DO NOT PUT SPOILERS IN PARTS OF THE BOOK FOR OTHER PEOPLE #1 adorable 8/22/22 #1 goth 8/22/22 #1 lightddlg 8/22/22 #1 daddydom 8/22/22 #1 daddysgirl 8/28/22 #1 russian 9/3/22 #1 goth 9/12/22 #1 bdsmrelationship 9/13/22 #1 brat 9/13/22 #1 submissive 9/19/22 #1 innocent 9/20/22 #1 domdaddy 9/20/22 #1 feisty 12/30/22 #1 consent 1/31/23 #1 sir 2/5/23


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*ONGOING* "'Who did this?' He asked calmly. I pretended not to know what he was talking about, 'Who did what?' 'Gia,' his voice turned firm and at this moment I knew I fucked up, 'who did this?' His eyes flicked to mine letting me know he wasn't going to take another excuse. 'I did.' I said, obviously knowing that isn't possible. 'Hm, you hurt yourself?' He asked, 'I don't believe you could hurt your beautiful body, Gia. Now tell me, who the fuck did this?' I stayed silent. There was no excuse other than the truth and I don't think Micheal would appreciate me telling Tyler the truth. 'If your not going to talk, I guess I'm going to have to fuck the answer out of you.' He said before unclipping my bra and letting it slip down my arms." ***** Gianna Angelise is a hurt women. Tattoos, scars, tan skin. Depressed, fearful, tormented. Familiarity influences her inability to let go of people who pain her. Once she becomes attached it doesn't matter how much it hurts, she won't let go. All because pain is all she's ever known. She can't help herself, not even with her terrible ways to cope. How she travers's through life with no self-control and an impulsivness that could be classified as dangerous is unfathomable. She has trauma. Tyler Cruz is a godly man. Tattoos, muscles, luscious dark hair. Stoic, enigmatic, apprehensive. After the death of both his parents, he believed that he needed no one. That was until someone needed him. His great ability to be empathetic and perceptive is then put into good use. But even then, he sometimes forgets about himself while caring for others. Does that assert his abilities as worthless? He has a secret. If your like me, tired of always reading about broken male characters that are fixed by their female partner, then this book is for you. A hurt women who needs help and an altruistic man who is willing to help her, secretly receiving the help he doesn't know he needs along the way.


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Flora Danforth is the epitome of all things innocent. Like a flower, Flora is beautiful and pure. Of course, that all changes when she meets the town's sexy, new, mysterious bad boy, Alex. ~ "I'm no good for you, flower." She opens her mouth to speak, but his finger gently silences her. She parts her lips in futile protest, but his finger slides past, slipping inside the warmth of her mouth. She swipes her tongue across the pad of his finger, hollowing her cheeks ever so slightly around it. Alex takes a sharp intake of air, his bright blue eyes growing impossibly dark with lust. "But then again, you're not such a good girl are you, princess?"


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Though she knew the boys were dominant in her high school, Hadley was not expecting to be chosen and trained by a senior, not to mention the meanest senior in the whole school. Will he prepare her well for her future boyfriend or will he burn out her fire? I delete negative comments or comments I don't like :) If you don't like or agree with this story, don't read. It is all just fantasy situations that I enjoy, you might not and that's okay too.


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18+ "Fuck you." is what came out of my mouth. "What did you just say?" Elijah said. "N-nothing." "I think our little girl deserves some punishment, needs to see where she stands. Don't you?" Mateo said, looking at Elijah and Val. They nod No actually, fuck me. I'm in a lot of trouble.


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A sequel to Our Darling Girl, follow Flo as she tackles her first job and everything that comes with loving four possessive boys.