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Queen B

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Transferring to Belvoire University, Thailand native student Lisa Manoban looks forward to being able to have a new start at the exclusive University. But arriving, she soon realizes that not all is what it seems. Defined by family backgrounds, the campus is ruled by a system in which the rich students rule while the poor students grovel at the bottom of the barrel. And the one with the most power is the Queen B, Jennie Kim.

Just what happens when Lisa meets the Queen B herself?

Hate? love? When does the line exactly blur at the two emotions which are always entwined?
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"Jisoos Christ! I didn't sign up for this!" - LM


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[Very very slow update] "Me? what did i do?" "Because of your stupidity lisa!! You know i dont know why my dad agreed to marry me to a selfish person like you, you stole everything to me my family my bestfriend even my cousin lisa youre unbelievable!!" "Stop" When a woman is inlove with the person she can't have..... But is it really a love? or it is just part of her revenge??


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LISA G!P Lisa goes to extreme measures to find out why Jennie is always sad. TRIGGER WARNING: talks of suicide , assault and more. [All characters are falsely portrayed in this compared to real life , this is just a story. Do not get offended] [COMPLETED]


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(ONGOING) Jennie believes she's nothing like her family. She may be in love with her bestfriend, Lisa, but she is by no means desperate to make the girl reciprocate her feelings. Although darkness might have consumed their bloodline, she denies having that side of her. Or maybe... she's just a tiny bit darker than what she believes herself to be. Just a tiny bit. Started: 12/23/21


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My everyday life is so hard to bear. Every fucking day I need to be cold with everyone who surround me. I am a woman and I have a dick. I am not allowed to smile to any woman except to a man. I am not allowed also to fall in love or confess my love. I am Lisa Manoban cursed by a witch. Jenlisa (GP)


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[COMPLETED] "Tip toe through the window By the window, that is where I'll be Come tip toe through the tulips with me" The girl sang as she giggles while dragging her katana making a screeching sound on the floor. "Tip toe from the garden By the garden of a willow tree And tip toe through the tulips with me" A girl who is tied both of her wrist, dragged herself in the garden and hid herself behind the big tree Fuck! Fuck! A girl who is tied cursed in her breath and made herself stand up as she heard the girl's voice getting closer. "We'll keep the showers away And if I kiss you, in the garden In the moonlight, will you pardon me?" The girl who is tied up stop from running when suddenly the girl with katana was infront of her, smiling sweetly. "found you, Baby.." ⚠️⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️⚠️ Lisa GP so if you're not comfortable I suggest you to read that is not gp This story contains a lot of curse words, rape, sexual activities, psychopathic, and other bad scenes and that maybe it can make you puke. Don't tell me in the comment section that I didn't warn you. It's all in you if you don't know how to read a warning. THIS IS JUST A STORY DON'T HATE ME NOR THE CHARACTERS THAT I WILL PUT IN THE STORY! ENGLISH IS NOT MY MOTHER TONGUE SO BEAR WITH ME


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Jennie & Lisa Read the prologue to get a hint into "BAD FOR YOU" Photo Cred. Jane Vauclain


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jennie kim is a 25 years girl who doesn't believe in love anymore after she got played by her ex her parents getting worried since jennie will grew old sooner ,and she need to have someone in her life to take care of her.they ask jennie to find someone but their stubborn daughter keep refusing until her parents decided , to match her with someone.after jennie heard that , she quickly told them that she'll find her lover by herself And that's when she met a blonde girl working at the coffee shop as a barista , and decided to make her as her fake lover


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( Revision on progress) Jennie Ruby Jane Kim the only daughter of Kim Jiyong and Lee Chaerin. She is the CEO of the Kim Empire. She is a cold-hearted, spoiled brat, and a boss bitch. If she told you to kneel, you should obey her, or else she might make your life miserable. What Jennie wants, Jennie gets. Lisa Pranpriya Manoban is an orphan. She lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment and has three different part-time jobs. Her friends know that she is not just a simple and poor woman because she has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. Even though she is smarter than Einstein and Newton, she is still naive and clueless that maybe behind it all is her past. What will happen if the daughter of the richest person in the world falls in love with a poor but smart woman named Lisa? Lisa G!P