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Peter Pan and Cinderella [彼得·潘与辛德瑞拉]

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It's just a translation work. It doesn't belong to me.

Author: 徐徐图之

Total Chapters: 119
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*** NOT MINE :OFFLINE PURPOSES*** Xiang Yi was most famous vase in the entertainment industry. The subject of ridicule on the world wide web, she suddenly announced: She was going home to farm. Her anti-fans: Hehe. She deserves it. The next day, Xing Chen APP started a live broadcast stream of Xiang Yi's rural life. Heh? Why did a top ranking lawyer stop by for dinner? Heh? Why did a doctor come to raise chickens? Heh? Why is a famous fashion designer here to dye cloths? And why is an esports legend installing a swing set? What, You're her brother? You're also her brother?? As the much anticipated grand slam actor Shi Sui made his grand descent into the scene, the anti-fans began to tremble as they weakly typed out on the screen: you...Are you also her brother? The film star calmly squeezed Xiang Yi's cheeks and said calmly: I am her husband.


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In a world where Soulmates exist, people are born with or without one. I, Aera Irene Whitfield a 20-year-old Actress who is studying business have been blessed by not one but SIX soulmates. But something happened. At the age of 16, I met one of them. I only saw their eyes through the pulled down window of a black Mercedes car. The eyes of those who found their soulmate glow of a blue hue. I could feel my eyes changing color but then the car drove off. Not even a day later, my eyes turned into a pure silver shade. That means I've been rejected, not by one but by all SIX soulmates. I'VE BEEN REJECTED BY WHO KNOW'S WHO! ****************************** I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PHOTOS USED, CREDITS TO THE ARTIST, IF YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE PLEASE TELL ME SO I CAN GIVE THEM CREDITS, I ONLY FOUND THE PICTURES ON PINTEREST Copyright Notice: ©2022 Ivory Valentina. All rights reserved. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Upload schedule: Once a Week, Twice if I feel like it. Started: August 20, 2021 Ended: The Third Book I made


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Alternative 真千金她又美又飒 Author(s) Sweet Seven Description In her past life, Shen Xi always longed for love and validation from her parents, members of the wealthy Su family. Unfortunately, the attention that she yearned for was stolen by the family's fake heiress - her elder sister, Su Ruowan. As a result of Su Ruowan's evil plans, Shen Xi was crippled, disfigured and eventually died of leukemia. However, in a surprising turn of events, Shen Xi was reborn. Returned to the time when she was a seventeen-year-old teenager, she'll set things right and get her revenge against the Su family.


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I'm sorry, Jinghua. I couldn't make a proper contract with you before. From now onwards, your suffering, your happiness and everything, I'll accept them all gladly. - Daunmu Xi -


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This will be...I want to say...the FOURTH time I'm republishing these one shots. Of course I'm going to input the classics, but I'm also adding new ones into the mix. Vote and comment. Love you guys


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It's just a translation work. It doesn't belong to me. Author: 徐徐图之 Total Chapters: 119


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Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most pitiful....


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It's just an offline translation. I only translate for fun. Please support original author and english translator. Title : Transmigration : The Farm Life Of A "Fool" Author : Zi Xi Status : 295 chapters (completed)+ 25extra Start date - 1.6.2021 End date -


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The Star Around the Sun 明日星程 Author : Jin Gang Quan 金刚圈 Total Chapters: 149 Eng translator - liuyao (Gooseberry Translation) Tags - Entertainment Circle; Story within A Story; Romance; BL; Yaoi; Sweet Collab with RileyXin_28