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addicted. markhyuck

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markhyuck ┅ fuck drugs, have
you ever been addicted to you
best friend?

❝this is a healthy addiction.❞

COMPLETED ✓ 3.13.22
markhyuck fanfiction.
© MARKSOI 2021
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❝ーyou became my teddy bear❞ ❝now it's my turn to be the teddy bear for you.❞ everything changes once mark gives donghyuck a teddy bear as he goes through a tough time, but what happens when their relationship becomes a little more sexual? can donghyuck ignore his feelings for the craving of touch? or will he crumble by swallowing down how he really feels? started ⌦ 052322 finished ⌦ 123122 highest ranking: #1 in nct (02.07.23) #1 in nct127 (01.31.23) #1 in markhyuck (12.21.22) #2 in haechan (01.12.23) ©dreaminghyuck do not plagarize.


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❝ you're naked. ❞ ❝ shut up or i will slash your throat. ❞ ━ or where donghyuck is stuck in utopia after an airplane crash. only that he is not alone but with a rivalling ceo, mark lee. © neochans ✓ 23/05/2021


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❝ you're mine. ❞ ❝ no, i don't think so. ❞ ━ or where mark wants a certain omega really badly. © neochans ✓ 05/01/2021 ✎ 01/09/2021


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This imagine contains sexual content. If you're not 18+ or not comfortable reading this kind of stuff please skip or block me. Please do not report! I am not sexualizing idols this is all based on imagination dont take it seriously. This book doesn't contain any stories of Chenle and Jisung!!! ° ° ° Instagram : @hardstanneo


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donghyuck holds a huge secret that he's scared people around him will discover: he is a little. so, when he meets the oh-so-handsome mark lee, donghyuck will try his best not to let himself slip in front of him, or let him discover his true self. but this will be very difficult for donghyuck, mostly when the simple praise 'good boy' makes him slip into little space... markhyuck, little au