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Truyแป‡n ฤam Mแปน

Hoร n thร nh


๐›๐ฅ๐š๐œ๐ค๐ฉ๐ข๐ง๐ค | ๐œ๐ก๐š๐ž๐ฅ๐ข๐œ๐ž | ๐›๐š๐›๐ฒ ๐ข๐ง ๐ฆ๐ฒ ๐ž๐ฒ๐ž๐ฌ

50,018 Lฦฐแปฃt thรญch / 528,334 Lฦฐแปฃt ฤ‘แปc
Cแบฃm ฦกn, vรฌ em ฤ‘รฃ ฤ‘แบฟn โค๏ธ

1/1/2021 - 3/8/2021

Nแบฟu bแบกn thแบฅy "ฤ‘แปฉa con" nร y cแปงa tui khรดng nhฦฐ bแบกn mong ฤ‘แปฃi, hรฃy nhแบน nhร ng rแปi ฤ‘i, ฤ‘แปซng nแบทng lแปi โค
Cรณ thแปƒ bแบกn thรญch?


76,187 8,185 23

- Mร y biแบฟt FWB lร  gรฌ khรดng? - Friend with benefit. - Sai rแป“i, lร  Fall (in love) with Build!


2,108,488 101,406 86

Sau tแบฅt cแบฃ thรฌ mแป‘i tรฌnh cแปงa em vแบซn chแป‰ lร  ฤ‘ฦกn phฦฐฦกng. 150621 - 200322


239,057 15,099 27

แปž ฤ‘รขy chแป‰ ฤƒn thแป‹t chแปฉ khรดng hรบp nแป™i dung. Vui vแบป แปฅ nhau mแป—i ngร y. Cแบฃnh bรกo: OOC, NSFW Character x F!Reader Ngร y bแบฏt ฤ‘แบงu: 10.12.2022 Fanfic nร y chแป‰ ฤ‘ฦฐแปฃc ฤ‘ฤƒng tแบกi Wattpad. Bแบฅt cแปฉ nฦกi nร o ฤ‘ฤƒng lแบกi lร  bแปn ฤ‘แบงu buแป“.i rแบป rรกch vรฌ @dodododyo ฤ‘รฉo cho phรฉp ฤ‘รขu ^^


56,013 8,113 50

Nhแปฏng ฤ‘oแบกn dj ngแบฏn vแป Nagireo


1,204,192 59,256 128

ฤแปฅ lร  chรญnh, nฦกi oc vร  char ฤ‘แปฅ nhau, thรด :))))) Warning: R*pe, loแบกn luรขn, ntr,... R18, R21,... ฤรขy chแป‰ lร  sแบฃn phแบฉm cแปงa trรญ tฦฐแปŸng tฦฐแปฃng, khรดng nรชn hแปc vร  lร m theo. Cแบฃm ฦกn!! -Omochii thรขn รกi!!- . . . .


785,601 56,452 51

"Anh, anh ฤ‘au bแปฅng lแบฏm... hแปฉc- Taehyungie vแป nhร  dแบฏt anh ฤ‘i sinh em bรฉ ฤ‘i, anh sแปฃ..." bแบฏt ฤ‘แบงu: 1/10/2022. kแบฟt thรบc:


972,198 70,642 43

[alpha tin tแปฉc tแป‘ mรนi chanh ร— omega tin tแปฉc tแป‘ mรนi sแปฏa bแป™t] Bแป—ng dฦฐng tแป‘i hรดm แบฅy sau khi ngแปง cรนng giรกm ฤ‘แป‘c thรฌ bแปฅng Jeon Jungkook ngร y mแป™t to ra. Cแบญu mang thai. bแบฏt ฤ‘แบงu: 4/8/2022. kแบฟt thรบc: 24/9/2022. khรดng ฤ‘แป“ng รฝ chuyแปƒn ver.


1,011,487 84,079 139

Tรชn gแป‘c: Thang gia bแบฃy O Tรกc giแบฃ: Bแบกch Vรขn ฤรณa Nhรฃn: Sinh tแปญ, tรฌnh hแปฏu ฤ‘แป™c chung, nhiแปu CP, tinh tแบฟ, ฤ‘iแปm vฤƒn, ABO Tแป•ng cแป™ng: 186 chฦฐฦกng+3 phiรชn ngoแบกi Edit: Yonn + Beta: @Annhuocnhien30902 (Wattpad) Ngร y bแบฏt ฤ‘แบงu : 13-1-2021 Ngร y kแบฟt thรบc: .............................................................. แปž thแปi ฤ‘แบกi khan hiแบฟm Omega, Thang gia sinh ฤ‘ฦฐแปฃc 7 cแบญu O. Anh cแบฃ: Mแป—i ngร y ฤ‘แปu แป“n ร o ฤ‘รฒi ly hรดn. (C1-C35) Anh hai: Bแบกn tรฌnh vแบซn chฦฐa quรชn bแบกch nguyแป‡t quang.(*)(C36-C53) Anh ba: Tแปซ xร o cp thร nh ฤ‘รดi chแป“ng chแป“ng.(C54-C82) Anh tฦฐ: Cรกi tรชn bแป‹ tรดi bao dฦฐแปกng bแบฃo tรดi sinh con cho anh ta.(C83-C101) Anh nฤƒm: Bแป‹ ฤ‘แป‘i thแปง mแป™t mแบฅt mแป™t cรฒn ฤ‘รกnh dแบฅu sau ฤ‘รณ tแบญn hฦฐแปŸng cuแป™c sแป‘ng hแบกnh phรบc. (C102-C131) Anh sรกu: ALPHA ฤ‘แปu lร  nhแปฏng cรกi mรณng heo bแปฑ.(C132-C155) Anh bแบฃy: Anh chแป“ng hรดm nay lแบกi ghen tuรดng.(C156-186) Phiรชn ngoแบกi: C187-C189 1v1, HE, tinh tแบฟ, ngแปt vฤƒn. (*) Tแปซ gแป‘c lร  paoyou nghฤฉa nhฦฐ bแบกn tรฌnh: mแป™t thuแบญt ngแปฏ internet xuแบฅt hiแป‡n trong nhแปฏng nฤƒm gแบงn ฤ‘รขy, dรนng ฤ‘แปƒ chแป‰ bแบกn tรฌnh cรนng giแป›i hoแบทc khรกc giแป›i thแปฑc hiแป‡n hร nh vi tรฌnh dแปฅc nhแบฑm ฤ‘รกp แปฉng nhu cแบงu thแปƒ xรกc, ngoแบกi trแปซ vแปฃ chแป“ng hoแบทc bแบกn trai, bแบกn gรกi. (*) Bแบกch nguyแป‡t quang: thฦฐแปng รกm chแป‰ ngฦฐแปi hoแบทc vแบญt trong tim vฦฐแปฃt quรก tแบงm vแป›i, luรดn yรชu nhฦฐng khรดng thแปƒ chแบกm vร o


168,430 9,285 42

FIC: DUNG TรšNG CHแป’NG YรŠU Author: B Kim Taehyung x Jeon Jungkook "ฤรขy chรญnh lร  Jeon ฤ‘iแป‡n hแบก, chแป‰a sรบng vร o cแบญu แบฅy lร  bแบฅt kรญnh" . "Xin chร o, tao lร  ฤ‘iแป‡n hแบก ฤ‘รขy. Diรชm Vฦฐฦกng nhแป tao ฤ‘แบฟn mang mร y vแป ร‚m Phแปง" . "Em yรชu anh ฤ‘แบฟn mแปฉc muแป‘n giแบฟt chแบฟt hแบฟt nhแปฏng kแบป cรณ khแบฃ nฤƒng quyแบฟn rลฉ anh" . "Em nhรฌn ฤ‘i Jungkook ฤ‘รขy lร  ฤ‘แบฅt nฦฐแป›c dฦฐแป›i quyแปn cแปงa anh, tay em chแป‰ mแป™t chแป— nร o em khรดng vแปซa รฝ anh lแบญp tแปฉc nรฉm bom phรก hแปงy chแป— ฤ‘รณ" . *Lฦฐu รฝ: Nแป™i dung trong tรกc phแบฉm ฤ‘แปu lร  trรญ tฦฐแปŸng tฦฐแปฃng cแปงa tรกc giแบฃ. Vui lรฒng khรดng chuyแปƒn ver khi chฦฐa cรณ sแปฑ cho phรฉp cแปงa B nhรฉ ๐Ÿ’œ